Entertaining Electronics book was written by E. Sedov. This book was published in 1984, yet most of it remains relevant even today. It is one of the non-boring books I have read besides having lots of physics.

Our protagonist: The Electron, enters the scene. The Author introduces Electronics through our Protagonist. He also presents his buddies protons and other "ons" such as neutrons, photons, even gravitons. He also explains why none of his buddies are famous, yet our Electron become the Super Hero of the century by explaining his cool features such as infinitesimal mass, SuperHyperUltrafast speed(near the Speed of Light) and his abundance(army).

Source: Entertaining Electronics

It was good to dirt off the old school physics and chemistry. The author helps us to recall a few topics such as the current flow and the operation of batteries in the Electron point of view. It was eye-opening at least for me. Then we enter into Cathode Ray tubes; it’s operation. If you have already studied Electronics in any of your coursework, you would be astounded by the time you finish this chapter. One could easily relate all the semiconductor diode properties.

Electron Flow Depiction | Source: Entertaining Electronics

The second chapter involves our Hero's dual life(Dual Waves). He is like The fictional character “The Dark Knight” It is not relevant but just a Batman reference. Introduction to some of the well-known laws yet with simple explanations than definitions. Electrons role in induction followed by Faraday’s quest on understanding Magnetic fields. Here comes Maxwell expedition on understanding the dual waves and sneak peek on the evolution of ideas on the Science of Light rays.

The oscillator is one of the critical components in any radio circuit, and I didn’t know one can explain oscillation with the help of a spring. Our Electron is well-equipped(abstracted) and comes as Electromagnetic waves. This chapter(III) also contains an easy to comprehend information on how a capacitor works. Then we move on to the modulation and demodulation of signals; followed by various places where Electron plays a vital role.

Chapter four deals with radio communication across EM spectrum with the help of various electronic devices(archaic to some extent) followed by other EM-based communication techniques.

The last chapter provides closure with a more modern outlook on Electronics with Semiconductors. With the information from previous chapters, It becomes easier to understand modern Electronic Devices. Some information in this chapter is not relevant as the author discusses future trends. Anyhow, reading his speculations is fun.

Entertaining Electronics was fun to read. It helped me to understand a few things that I assumed and moved on in my course. The computer that I am using to type this particular text become a reality because of the works of people all across the globe over a century, I am glad and surprised at the same time. I would suggest this book as a good read to anyone who has even little interest in the field of Electronics and Physics.

E-Book is available at archive.org

Cover Image: By Kae - Own work, Public Domain.